Konpira Maru MK Rosé


Konpira Maru | Pinot Blend |  Kilmore, VIC | 2019

Killer wine here. Defying the pale, often insipid ‘Provencale’ styles of rose, this is full flavour, full colour and full texture and in full effect. It’s a combo of three pinots, an increasingly popular trio off a low base, but you get the detail of perfume from the marriage of those red grapes, crunch and lightness of gris and meunier, cherry-juice sluice from noir. When it all boils down to it you get a funky number in your glass from a couple of wise to it younger gen winemakers. Fragrant, refreshing, moreish gear here. A clever way of building complexity and interest into rose with layering of varieties and letting it darken up a little. Yes.

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