Holgate Sour Brett Ale 2018


Brett Sour Blonde | 6.2% | 750ml bottle

This is a purely yeast driven beer with no late kettle or dry hopping. The simple malt bill has
created a hazy, burnished gold beer that is redolent of lazy, late-summer afternoons. The
aroma displays classic Brett funk with a zesty acidity balanced by sweet summer fruits – think
peaches, apricots and mango with a hint of forest fruits – that border on confectionary in
their intensity. The palate is unmistakeably Brett with touches of rustic funk underneath a bracing
lactic acidity. The sweet fruits are in play too, the whole being reminiscent of childhood sour
candies, lemon sherbet and green gooseberries. The finish is lip-smackingly dry. Sour Brett Ale is
perfect on its own but also pairs very well with strong cheeses and antipasto.

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