Bruny Island Saison Dentrecasteaux


Brett Saison | 6.5% | 750ml bottle

Our saison uses raw barley & wheat grown in fields on North Bruny plus Tasmanian base malt. Hopped for bitterness and aroma with Helga, Willamette and HPA-035, all grown at one of the world’s oldest hop farms in Tasmania’s Derwent Valley. All locally farmed ingredients and water were used to feed a French brewer’s yeast and two strains of brettanomyces. The use of multiple strains of yeast, as well as a lengthy secondary fermentation and bottle/keg conditioning, has created a beer of stunning balance and complexity that pairs incredibly with many styles of cheese. This hazy golden ale is earthy, with citrus, pear and spicy barnyard funk leaping out from the glass. It is bone-dry without seeming thin

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