Al di là del Fiume Fricando Skin Contact Albana 2016


Al di là del Fiume Fricando is a natural white wine made with the native Albana variety by Cantina al di là del Fiume in the Italian region of Emilia-Romagna (Bologna).

Cantina Al di là del Fiume (in Italian, estate beyond the river) is a winery run by Danila, Gabriele and Adriano. Three people passionate about biodynamics who put all their effort into producing natural wines in their 66-acre multifunctional estate, where only 7.5 acres are planted with vineyards. They believe that when it comes to winemaking, the focus should be on obtaining ripe, healthy and vital grapes. A miracle, in their opinion, that must be protected in the winery through minimal intervention.

Al di là del Fiume Fricando is made with noble grapes from the native Albana variety. These grapes are grown according to biodynamic principles, seeking to hold onto their natural balance through the use of ancient and organic treatments. When the grape reaches optimum ripeness, it is harvested manually.

In the winery, the Al di là del Fiume Fricando grapes macerate and ferment with native yeasts in Italian amphorae for a few months. After this long fermentation in contact with the skins, the orange wine is bottled without clarifying, filtering or adding sulphur.

Al di là del Fiume Fricando is a wine made in amphora, just like ancient times. The whole process is designed to achieve the most natural expression of the grape.

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